Patrick Dai Announces QTUM Future SocialFi & GameFi Developments | Moonland Metaverse Updates February 2022

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Below we can see an official summary of the QTUM developments for the beginning of 2022. Some exciting things in the blockchain pipelines!

One month in, and 2022 has been pretty action-packed already. So let’s give you a quick update on everything we have done this month.

2021 Q4 Expenditures

During the fourth quarter of 2021 (October, November, and December) the Qtum Chain Foundation spent 22.5 bitcoin, an average of 7.5 BTC per month.

For the 4th quarter, these category percentages were Technology Development 48.7%, PR and Marketing 2.6%, Operations Costs 2.4%, Compliance Costs 22.1%, Business Development 18.7%, and Technical Cooperation 5.5%


Crypto Canvas 2 Results

Qtum wrapped up the second edition of Crypto Canvas. Crypto Canvas 2 ran for four weeks, starting on December 13, 2021, and ending on January 10, 2022. Contestants were asked to create a Qtum NFT on the testnet and submit the entries to our Crypto Canvas 2 Discord chat. The event had 66 contestants contributing over 100 testnet NFTs, which shared over 250 QTUM in awards.


Patrick Dai Gives A Glimpse Of What’s Coming In The Future

Qtum Co-founder Patrick Dai gave the Qtum community a taste of what’s in store for the future.

More Moonland Updates

Moonland is a play-to-earn metaverse platform that will run on the Qtum blockchain. This month, Moonland gave a preview of what its avatars would look like.

Qtum Dev Updates

  • Work continues merging branch for bitcoin version 22 to qtum core version 22, build for Mac, qtum-qt refresh address. Version 22 features peer-to-peer and network changes, and new and updated commands/RPCs.
  • Qnekt wallet (MetaMask clone for Qtum) reskinning, adding Base58 address support, managing dust, and immature UTXOs.
  • qtumj testing for QRC20 support, Fastlane implementation, and op_sender. Updates in qtum-ethers.

Qtum Blog Updates

Learn how Qtum achieves high scalability without compromising decentralization.


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